Bubble is not an alarm.
It is a sixth sense for proximity.

Improve social distancing in the user friendliest way possible with Bubble; a tiny wearable device that helps people notice when they are too close to someone else for too long. While wearing bubble, people can shift their attention from watching their step, to what matters most: work, collaborate, shop, socialize.

User experience

Bubble is designed to empower people to take responsibility for their behavior. With gentle nudges, people can adjust their behavior if needed, without feeling pressured or policed.

Bubble forms an invisible field around you with a 1,5m radius.
When other Bubbles comes within radius, users get a friendly notification to adjust.
When people restore a safe distance, they hear cheerful and rewarding sound to reinforce positive behavior.


Bubble has as little features as possible. 

We optimized Bubbles to run on a battery for days. Recharging is done through a micro-USB cable, or via the custom charging port on the back of the device.

If it comes to safety, reliable operation and accuracy is key. Many wireless technologies, like Bluetooth, only poorly measure proximity, especially near the human body. By going back to physics, we found a proximity detection method that is more accurate and more affordable than Bluetooth at the same price.

Bubbles give auditory (sound), visual (light), and haptic feedback (vibration) to enable everyone to use the device.

To start using Bubbles, there is no need to install or configure anything. Bubbles work right out of the box.

Visiting a store or museum with another family member? Just hold the Bubbles close while pressing the button, and the Bubbles with ignore each other.

Bubbles can be mounted in several ways: on a lanyard, on a safety vest, or on a wristband. Get in touch to hear about our custom solutions.

As an organization, you want to empower your vistors, customers, or employees, not police them. Bubble helps everyone to take responsibility for their behavior, while respecting their privacy. Bubbles don’t store any information, making Bubble synonymous to trustable technology.